Venture Capital & Private Equity

Our skilled professionals advise primary players at every stage of venture capital and private equity transactions. We employ experts on all matters of private equity from formation of funds through to dispositions and various types of exits. When a deal is threatened by an unexpected obstacle, you need proven legal professionals to manage the situation. Our firm offers a unified, full-service path to address all of your transactional legal needs. 

How we help

  • Six-Sigma inspired proprietary processes for efficiency gains.
  • One of the most experienced venture capital specialised teams in the country.
  • Dynamic client specific playbooks to bring consistency across deals.
  • Dedicated SecDesk/ transaction support team for handling all corporate secretarial matters relating to the closing of the transaction and for post investment support.
  • Cost effective Virtual Data Rooms and using technology solutions to automate requisition lists and generating issue reports


What is Algo Legal’s execution strategy?
Our execution strategy incorporates efficient processes, experience of our highly qualified attorneys, and cutting-edge technological solutions. Given that many of our clients are funds with multiple deals running in parallel, the processes we have put in place ensure speed and efficiency without sacrificing quality. Our highly experienced team have combined experience of over 2000+ venture capital deals. The technology solutions from our technology partner such as Contractum, Tranzactions automate routine tasks involved in venture capital transactions.
How do these processes add value to the clients?
Charting of the processes and breaking them down into component parts help identify the inefficiencies in each stage of the process and provide insights for changing them improve the quality, reliability and consistency of the deliverables.

We provide a comprehensive approach to enhancing new ventures from start to finish.