Unique Virtual Data Room Set-up and Management

Algo Legal is a dependable and sophisticated virtual data room provider. Set-up a secure virtual data room to improve client interaction and communication among colleagues. Our data rooms allow you to privately share confidential documents and sensitive data with various groups, without the groups becoming aware of one another. Our virtual data rooms are simple to operate, practical, secure, cost-efficient, and backed by around-the-clock support.

How we help

  • Our virtual data room lets you review, share, audit, and track records and other communications, both inside and outside your company, quickly and securely.
  • Our ingenious applications, superior customer service, and vast expertise help clients seamlessly navigate the secure sharing of their most sensitive data.


What exactly is a virtual data room?
A virtual data room is an online archive of data for the storage and sharing of important company files. These files can be grouped, classified, shared, and tracked all within the data room. It allows administrators to see which files were accessed and by whom.
Why should you consider setting up a virtual data room?
The biggest advantage of opening up a virtual data room is the peace of mind it brings that all of your confidential data will not be viewed by outside parties without your permission. Companies trust us to keep their most delicate documents secure.
Why should I use your virtual data room instead of another file sharing service?
Other file sharing services like corporate email, DropBox, or Google Drive are insufficient for safeguarding a company’s sensitive information. Other file sharing services make large-scale file sharing complicated and difficult to navigate.

Save time by using our virtual data room to share files with clients, partners, and investors.