Benefit from our industry knowledge and network of relationships

Venture capital firms value lawyers with a commercial mindset, who have deep industry knowledge and access to the latest market terms. Our lawyers have combined experience of over 2,000+ venture capital deals - helping firms negotiate and close fund raising deals swiftly and efficiently.

How we add value

  • Six-Sigma inspired proprietary processes for efficiency gains
  • One of the most experienced venture capital specialised teams in the country
  • Dynamic client specific playbooks to bring consistency across deals
  • Dedicated SecDesk/ transaction support team for handling all corporate secretarial matters relating to the closing of the transaction and for post investment support.
  • Cost effective Virtual Data Rooms and using technology solutions to automate requisition lists and generating issue reports

Our Approach

Our execution strategy incorporates efficient processes, experience of our highly qualified attorneys, and cutting-edge technological solutions. Given that many of our clients are funds with multiple deals running in parallel, the processes we have put in place ensure speed and efficiency but not at the cost of quality. We are able to provide such efficiencies in our services through the extensive use of innovative technology solutions from our technology partner which automates routine tasks involved in venture capital transactions. It would be apt to say that technology is imbedded in our DNA.

We regularly work with many of the leading venture capital funds and provide them with end to end transaction support for investments into early stage and growth companies across jurisdictions. Particularly, our team has deep experience in externalising holding structures es and leading the investment transactions into companies based out of Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and the United States, in which jurisdictions we engage trusted local counsel.

This is just one part of the picture- our clients get real value on account of the way we have leveraged our domain expertise to implement efficient processes throughout the workflow. Charting of processes and breaking them down into component parts has helped us identify the inefficiencies in each stage of the process and provide insights for changing them to improve the quality, reliability and consistency of the deliverables.

The application of this process, which typically applies to high-volume, low-risk commercial contracts, can also be applied in the context of fund raising transactions where the fund invests into a large number of portfolio companies. The process involves creation of initial standard documents in consultation with our clients which are then dynamically updated based on the learnings from past deals. The standard documents so created are complemented by our playbooks that list down the preferred negotiating positions, including acceptable fallback positions.

Similarly, our due diligence process ensures that the legal diligence is carried out in a consistent and cost-effective manner. Our industry specific due diligence checklists along with virtual dataroom set up makes it easy for the investee company representatives to make available all the requested documents with minimal effort. We have structured our process in such a way that the data room may be kept open even after the closure of the funding round so that it becomes a repository for the portfolio company to share all the important documents with the investors. The data made available in such live data rooms can be the basis for the compliance related quarterly information statements shared by us. Our Technology Partner, Quant Legaltech India Private Limited, provides the necessary technology support for hosting the virtual data room and is also developing a due diligence management solution which will allow us to coordinate with the counter-parties regarding the status of the diligence requisition list as well as generate due diligence reports based on the issues identified.

Post transaction support

Our transaction support group is a central team of lawyers, company secretaries and chartered accountants who bring great value to our VC clients by providing compliance and secretarial services in an integrated manner along with our transaction advisory team.

Some of the services provided by our transaction support group/SecDesk to venture capital funds are as follows:

  • Assistance with the corporate section of the legal due diligence
  • Vetting of the conditions precedent and closing actions in transaction documents
  • Preparation of the conditions precedent, and conditions subsequent tracker
  • Following up and co-ordination on closure of conditions precedent
  • Following up and tracking of closing items such as allotment of shares, share certificates and necessary filings with regulatory authorities post the funding
  • On-boarding the conditions subsequent in the Complius tool and tracking the same with the help of the automated reminders prior to the due date.

These well fleshed-out processes help venture capital funds to mitigate risks to a large extent. For instance, due to time constraints, the investors often move certain conditions precedent to conditions subsequent and allow the investee companies 30-90 days for the investee companies to complete themm. However, more often than not, the funds occasionally miss follow ups on these conditions subsequent. With our automated reminders, we ensure that the investee companies stay compliant even after the closing of the transaction and that all conditions subsequent action items are completed by them within the agreed timeframe.

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