Creating a legal ecosystem to streamline your business processes

Corporate legal departments worldwide are under pressure to cut costs and improve efficiency and boards are demanding the adoption of technologies that will bring this about. However, the senior lawyers who are tasked with these projects are confronted with a poorly coordinated ecosystem offering a bewildering array of products that often fail to provide coherent solutions. This is made all the more complex by the fact that very few lawyers are technology savvy and even our law schools are failing to recognize the value of incorporating legal-tech into their curricula.

Algo Legal is dedicated to filling this gap. We have made a huge investment in legal-tech enablement and we know better than most, that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for the in-house legal market. However, experience has taught us that there are common frameworks and tools that will accelerate the digitization and automation of most legal processes. Such is our commitment to driving this transformation, we have elevated Legal-Tech Consultation to a full practice area supported by a new generation of legal and IT professionals who are dedicated to delivering the best technology solutions for your business.

Our approach to consulting draws from our experience in implementing efficient processes in the delivery of our own legal services and in our close association with our technology service provider, Quant Legaltech India Private Limited. Through this partnership your workflows are assessed and components which are not adding value are identified along with appropriate solutions. Our team of technologists and legal experts are able to provide tested tools, processes and methodologies to drive real transformation within legal departments.

Practice Innovation

  • Unique Virtual Data Room Set-up and Management
  • Intelligent Document Management
  • Deal Document Management
  • Due Diligence Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Mapping
  • Contract Automation
  • Automation of Corporate Secretarial Support and Transaction Management
  • Statutory, Legal and Regulatory Notice and Incident Management

  • Please Note: Legal tech consultations are rendered by our affiliate entity which is not licensed to practice law.

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