Statutory, Legal and Regulatory Notice and Incident Management

Frequently, businesses that store important regulated data experience privacy and security incidents. In order to comply with complexity and always changing data breach notification regulations and international mandatory breach notification laws, our statutory, legal, regulatory notice, and incident management teams will quickly and accurately determine which incidents necessitate notification to regulators or customers.

How we help

  • Our software provides a specific glimpse and helps gain a real-time view of the incident assessment and notification status, as well as current incident trends.
  • We rapidly acquire all incident details, determine if an incident would be considered a breach, and swiftly take the necessary corrective actions.


Why would I want my business’ incident responses to be automated?
Automating incident responses in accordance with all current regulations, including the necessary multi-factor risk assessment system, ensures that you make the best decisions for your business and your customers. Our tech also helps prevent incident recurrence.
Does your management software help make a faster decision?
When comparing the decision time of our software to a typical company’s incident response processes, pertinent facts where gathered more quickly, multi-factor risk assessments were seamlessly performed, and an accurate breach determination was reduced from weeks to minutes.
How does your management software work?
Our software guides businesses through the complete incident response lifecycle. The cycle starts with the initial assessment and documentation. The whole process determines if breach notification is required. Our software automatically generates guidance to ensure compliance.

Businesses rely on us to automate and bring consistency to their incident response processes.