Dedicated to researching and influencing the narrative

India has an open and vibrant culture of public participation in law making. Recent years have seen greater willingness from our legislators and public officials to issue discussion papers, conduct public forums and to welcome civil society into the process of law making.

While this is a very welcome development, it also means that lawyers need to be vigilant in identifying relevant evolving issues and public discussions that have the capacity to influence the direction of law and policy. Whether it be on the localization of data, the evolution of privacy laws, or the regulation of fintech, ALGO Legal’s team of professionals are dedicated to researching and influencing the narrative.

Our Policy Mission

  • To support the evolution of new technologies and business models by identifying impediments to our clients’ success
  • To be a positive influence in the policy ecosystem by establishing thought leadership on critical issues and creating a more favourable investment environment for our clients


  • To develop networks and systems that provide early warning of regulatory changes that may impact our client’s investment goals
  • To arm our clients with the insights they need to capitalize on reforms and to pro-actively anticipate impediments to success
  • To work with influential trade associations and thought leaders and to engage policy professionals who understand the processes that enable reform
  • To monitor those policy developments that impact our clients’ investment goals:
    • Government announcements and discussion papers, calls for submissions etc.
    • International trade developments (TPP, RCEP, TIFA etc.)
    • Influential think tanks and NGOs
  • To formulate policy positions on key issues and be ready to provide input through appropriate channels:
    • Leverage trade associations and professional networks
    • Identify influential speaking opportunities
  • To focus on industry-specific issues while at the same time tailoring influencing strategies to each client’s needs.

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