Mergers & Acquisitions / Joint Ventures

Businesses are made or broken by major corporate transactions every single day. A merger, acquisition, or joint venture could be the most important choice made for your company. Electing the appropriate transaction, negotiating a favorable and watchful arrangement, drawing-up definitive documents, and conducting careful due diligence are all critical to your success. Algo Legal’s experienced, savvy team can assist you in accomplishing all of the above and more.

How we help

  • We assist you in maximizing the value of your mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures by creating the internal structures needed to support them.  
  • Our team determines the perfect structure of your merger, acquisition, or joint venture. We also assist in restructuring previous problematic alliances.


Why do companies need to consider mergers and acquisitions?
Companies may want to increase their market share or access different distribution channels, products, or markets. Additionally, mergers and acquisitions or joint ventures can add new capabilities and access to new technology, expertise, or talent to accelerate growth.
When is the perfect time to consider a transaction of this type?
We usually advise companies to consider such transactions when their needs correspond with the right opportunity to obtain and maintain a competitive advantage. Opportunities often include expanding service or product lines, increasing the scale of operations, or expanding geographically.
What missteps do companies typically make during such a transaction?
Improper planning, poor due diligence, overpaying, not properly securing important information, failing to reach a deal within a reasonable time period, having unrealistic expectations that cause a lack of perspective, or failing to create focus during integration are all common mistakes.

Regardless of your objectives, we will assist in your pursuit of strategic growth opportunities.