Intelligent Document Management

Intelligent document management relates to the capability to digitally automate processes previously done manually. It includes the electronic routing of data to its appropriate file, automated notifications for users with permission to see the files, users receiving important notifications relating to expiring files, and the automatic updating of certain files. Additionally, the software protects users from unintentionally sharing or deleting important files.

How we help

  • Our intelligent document management software provides a smart and efficient way to view files that were previously only on paper.
  • The software uses smart technology to automate your business processes, making it easier to centralize and integrate documents.


What kind of files can I store in the document management system?
Our intelligent document management software enables you to store all computer generated files in our management system, including any paper document that can be scanned, Microsoft Office files, PDFs, drawings, various media files, Tiffs, web-pages, and many other archived files.
How difficult is it to set up the document management system?
Our software makes it incredibly easy to set up and use the document management system. All paper documents can be easily prepared and processed through a high-speed scanner. Most importantly, retrieving all of your important documents and information becomes quicker and easier.
What advantages does your document management system provide?
Our software provides many key advantages missing from manual filing systems, including document profiling (indexing), safeguarding, simultaneous access, dynamic management and organization, audit streams, version control, workflow, and more.

Our intelligent document management provides efficiency through automation.