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Start ups

We focus on early-stage startups founded and led by driven entrepreneurs. With hard work and passion for tech-driven solutions, we help entrepreneurs build exemplary companies ground up from day one. Our team provides help in every aspect of starting and expanding a company including recruitment, management, consulting, mentoring, legal help, and accounting. We aim to be your trusted adviser throughout the full arc of your growth.

The requirements of companies in early stages are varied. They need help navigating the complex regulatory landscape, building the right incentive structure for its team, raising the necessary capital, controls and support for ongoing legal compliance etc.

Our start-up clients get the added benefit of our network of relationship in the fund-raising ecosystem. They are also benefited of an entrepreneurial culture and a tech-savvy team of lawyers who speak their language. We provide a seamless experience for our start-up clients and they get one point of contact for resolving all their legal requirements regardless of the nature of the nature of their business.

Forward Looking businesses

Adapt, strategize, and re-adapt.

We strongly believe that what works for one, will not work for another, and by extension, what works for one today will not work for one tomorrow. The rapid evolution that is taking place in the industry and economy on a daily basis needs to be considered and evaluated before undertaking any action; and also, before not undertaking any action at all.

While many believe that success comes to those who wait for it, we like planning our way around it so we are consistently working towards it. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience which we cultivate into finding unique solutions to aid growth, aggressively. In addition to working in-tune with the current environment, we also map key trends and analyze the different barriers that could block your pathways so that we can work our way around that. Our deep and holistic understanding of the applicable regulations, policy framework and imminent regulatory changes, make us best suited to provide commercial and solution-oriented advice to progressive businesses.

The principle that we choose to follow is to provide efficient, simple, and focused advice with the macro picture in mind. While a standardized approach results in standardized results, our approach combines a standardized result with considerable consideration given to each client based on their unique requirements, thus achieving a bespoke result, which we intend to deliver in a manner that benefits our clients for a significant time in the future.

How we add value

  • Self-generation of high-volume, low-risk commercial agreements
  • Technology tools for compliance and contract lifecycle management for cost-effective legal services
  • Seamless support regardless of the nature of legal service or specialisation required
  • Dedicated SecDesk team for handling all corporate secretarial matters relating to compliance and other regulatory requirements
  • Periodic training and mentoring sessions for founders
  • Access to our deep network of relationships including well-established venture capital investors

  • Our approach

    We understand that our clients are particular about efficient and cost-effective services. We have well-defined processes to identify the inefficiencies in each stage of the workflow which helps in improving the quality, reliability and consistency of the final output. Our standardised processes generate employment agreements, service agreements, NDAs and other routine commercial agreements with minimal manual time. We also provide a host of technological tools which help start-ups with their contract lifecycle management and compliance requirements. All our processes are also built keeping in mind the venture capital and private equity financing stage the start-ups will eventually go through. Accordingly, aspects such as maintaining a clean cap table, structuring the ESOP and executive compensation package, and corporate governance are proactively addressed.

    Our SecDesk team comprising of lawyers, company secretaries and chartered accountants provide standalone support outside of transaction advisory to start-ups on a myriad of compliance and routine regulatory requirements such as applying for and renewing licenses, making regulatory filings etc.

    Our partner start-up clients do not feel the need to have a large in-house legal team since we act as their virtual general counsels and assist the senior management on their strategic decisions and other board-level discussions.

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