Governance, Risk & Compliance

Algo Legal’s governance, risk and compliance services assist businesses in handling matters related to corporate governance, enterprise risk management, and the automation of corporate compliance. Our team helps entrepreneurs identify, correct, monitor, take advantage of, and manage a company’s risks. By simply documenting the essential characteristics of your business we are able to deploy proprietary software which maps your governance, risk and compliance needs and generates automated workflows for all your compliance requirements. This not only saves you money but helps build a culture of compliance throughout your organization.

How we help

  • Our governance, risk, and compliance (“GRC”) team brings a combination of decades of experience augmented by leading edge technology platforms that enable your business to achieve its objectives.
  • We have rejected the conventional approach to GRC which has limited law firms to picking up the pieces when compliance systems fail.  Our platform proactively manages your GRC needs and alerts you to deadlines and complex filing requirements. We can even monitor your systems remotely, leaving you and your compliance team to focus on what really matters.


Why is governance risk and compliance important for businesses?
Corporate governance combines both the discipline and tools that help differentiate the industry thought-leaders from the mediocre. Having a comprehensive GRC program in place not only strengthens your brand and reputation it builds integrity within your company and helps your leadership role-model behavior that permeates the organization. We can help you develop the discipline and structure that will assist you in aligning company actions to business goals, managing risks, and keeping up with compliance.
How do governance and compliance differ from one another?
These two concepts work hand in hand. Companies are expected to comply with a complex web of State and Central Government laws that seem to change by the day. With this complexity, there is a renewed focus on enforcement as leading institutions like the Ministry of Corporate Affairs are coming down hard on defaulters. In this environment, compliance is the mechanical act of adhering to these regulatory challenges whereas governance is the discipline and processes that ensure that compliance is executed successfully.
What is governance, risk, and compliance technology?
The digital revolution has finally starting to enhance the delivery of legal services and the innovations are moving at pace. We deploy compliance platforms and tools that use algorithms to learn your business and automate the deployment and follow-up of compliance action items. This includes technologies that allow senior management to monitor mission critical compliances remotely from their smart phones and be ever-ready to drive tone from the top that cascades through an organisation and reinforces ethical behaviour. These technologies not only streamline the GRC but they can lift organizations and provide a culture of good governance and a platform for future growth.