General Corporate Advisory

Our general corporate advisory team is adept at providing all forms of services to our clients, ranging from drafting intricate agreements like franchise agreements, software licensing agreements, etc. to employment and labour law related advisory to managing the entire secretarial requirements of companies. Our well-seasoned corporate-secretarial team is aptly suited to advise on all forms of compliance and regulatory requirements including assisting with filings, any corporate strategy execution and advising boards on varied issues.

How we help

  • We help negotiate and execute complex commercial agreements in a cost effective manner by employing our proprietary processes and technological solutions.
  • A centralised team to take care of all routine compliance and regulatory requirements.


Are Algo Legal’s processes and technology tools relevant for general corporate advisory practice?
Absolutely! In fact general corporate advisory practice is where many of our technological tools are used on a daily basis.
I need help with entering into a services agreement with my client. Which practice area should I reach out to?
Drafting of commercial agreements, including service agreements, franchise agreements etc will be handled by general corporate advisory team.
Do you assist with India entry of foreign companies?
Yes. We help businesses from across the world set up their Indian presence either through branch offices or subsidiaries or through joint venture/ franchise arrangements with businesses in India.