General Corporate Advisory

Our general corporate advisory team has extensive experience in providing a full range of corporate legal services to our wide array of clients (both foreign and domestic) on a host of matters ranging from foreign direct investment and India entry strategies to providing advice on complex employment and labour related issues to drafting and vetting of commercial contracts of various hues.

How we help

  • We regularly advice our clients on corporate commercial laws, including real estate, e-commerce, logistics, insurance and re-insurance, automotive laws, laws regulating the consumer food industry, pre-litigation advisory and routine tax advisory.
  • We assist in the review/drafting, negotiation, execution and standardisation of complex commercial contracts viz. NDAs, Service Agreements, Supply Agreements, SaaS Agreements, Software License & Development Agreements, HR agreements, etc in a cost-effective manner by employing our proprietary processes and technological solutions.
  • Our team is adept at drafting company specific policies for our clients in relation to HR, POSH, Privacy, etc.
  • We also advise on trademark registration and IP and Data Protection advisory, including GDPR compliance.
  • Our team has rich experience in providing transactional support to our clients on a variety of transactions including M&A; Corporate Restructuring; conducting due diligence on target companies and securities law advisory.
  • A centralised team to take care of all your routine compliance and regulatory requirements.

Virtual In-house General Counsel Services

We also provide many of our clients with virtual in-house general counsel services, which incudes managing their day to day legal requirements including legal risk and strategy advisory; ensuring continuous compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory regime through a multidisciplinary and multi-jurisdictional teams; providing corporate secretarial services including assistance with filings, corporate strategy execution and advising boards on varied issues; facilitating access to our proprietary in-house legal tools.


Are Algo Legal’s processes and technology tools relevant for general corporate advisory practice?
Absolutely! In fact general corporate advisory practice is where many of our technological tools are used on a daily basis.
I need help with entering into a services agreement with my client. Which practice area should I reach out to?
Drafting of commercial agreements, including service agreements, franchise agreements etc will be handled by general corporate advisory team.
Do you assist with India entry of foreign companies?
Yes. We help businesses from across the world set up their Indian presence either through branch offices or subsidiaries or through joint venture/ franchise arrangements with businesses in India.
I am looking for a one-stop-shop for all the legal, regulatory and secretarial services for my company. Can you help?
Absolutely, our “virtual in-house general counsel services” would be able to address all your requirements.
Would you be able to assist with a review of our existing sexual harassment policy to ensure compliance and advise us in relation to ongoing complaints?
Yes, our team is extensively experienced in reviewing such policies and advising on such matters.