Due Diligence Management

Whether acquiring another company or entrusting it with trade secrets, proper due diligence is vital to safeguarding your business interests. Algo Legal’s due diligence checklist generation provides an organised method of analyzing a company’s assets, contracts, benefits, liabilities, and other potential problems. Our checklist enables you to quickly learn about the companies that you are contemplating acquiring through sale, merger, or any other method.

How we help

  • Our due diligence checklist allows clients to easily determine all of the benefits, liabilities, risks, and opportunities of a potential acquisition.
  • Due diligence is the best method to guarantee that you pay a reasonable price, and provides buyers with the confidence to pursue new acquisitions.


What does good and thorough due diligence consist of?
Due diligence typically involves voluntary investigations. It consists of investigating and exercising of a certain standard of care that a reasonable business would be expected to execute before entering into an agreement or contractual obligation with another company.
How long does proper due diligence take?
Hypothetically, thorough and proper due diligence should take no longer than 60 days. When buying or selling another business, it is important to complete the deal as quickly as possible. While due diligence can take a lot longer than 60 days, our checklist expedites the process.
Why is conducting due diligence so important?
Buying another company is both time consuming and expensive. Different companies’ financial information and record keeping methods can vary greatly. This information can significantly impact the negotiation and sale phases of the deal.

Our due diligence checklist generation allows clients to go beyond traditional due diligence.