Deal Document Management

Algo Legal’s deal document management software equips your business with a secure archive that enables customers to instantly and efficiently access, process, store and search for files using our software interface. Large numbers of documents can be securely stored and accessed whenever necessary. This helps companies save time managing files and rapidly execute deals in an efficient manner.

How we help

  • When your company can execute deals in a systematic and expedient manner, it will improve the bottom line.
  • Deal makers are able to provide clients with complete focus and spend less time managing and correcting minor details of deal documentation.


How does your deal document management system work?
Our deal document management software gives users the capability to electronically route important documents. Companies create a standard deal folder based on the particular deal type. Then, all the documents related to the deal can be sent instantaneously and securely.
What benefits does your deal document management system provide?
Our software provides numerous benefits lacking in standardized filing systems, including enhanced security, better collaboration, improved regulatory compliance, simultaneous access, dynamic management and organization, and more.
What kind of files can be sent through the deal document system?
Our intelligent deal document software enables you to send any computer-generated files through our management system, including any paper document that can be scanned, Microsoft Office files, PDFs, drawings, various media files, Tiffs, web-pages, and many others.

We provide the software needed to address the unique challenges of deal making.