Data Privacy

Most of the business thrive on data and as part of their operations they collect or receive, knowingly or unknowingly, personally identifiable data about individuals. Most of the countries have enacted data privacy laws in some form or the other to regulate how such data can be collected, the use of such data, how data subjects are to be informed, how data can be transferred, rights that a data subject has in relation to such data and what control a data subject has over data. Non-compliance with such laws may lead to fines, legal proceedings, blacklisting of businesses in certain jurisdictions and most importantly loss of reputation and goodwill due to lack of trust of the clients. Traversing through such laws can be daunting, but all businesses that deal with data should be familiar and compliant with the data privacy laws that affect their businesses. Thus, establishment of robust legal framework for data privacy and protection becomes pertinent.
Algo Legal provides end-to-end legal solutions for businesses to navigate through applicable data privacy and regulatory frameworks and adopt best practices. We provide such legal services across the data landscape focusing on data privacy, cross border data transfer and data breaches. Our Data Privacy practice is led by a group of dedicated lawyers who share their passion for a dynamic world of technology across practices and jurisdiction to tackle legal issues relating to privacy and security of data.

How we help

Our team is adept in

  • Advising clients on applicable laws for the processing, transfer, disclosure and security breaches of personally identifiable data and handling of such data in the virtual world including cloud service providers
  • Providing compliance assistance for data privacy regulatory regime across jurisdictions including India, European Union, Delaware, Singapore, California etc.
  • Drafting legally compliant agreements (including vendor agreements), data protection addendum, consent forms, privacy, cookies policies, etc.
  • Performing comprehensive data privacy due diligence.


How can companies ensure compliance with data privacy regulations?
Implementation of myriad privacy regulations in each jurisdiction across the globe has made it difficult for the companies to adopt uniform policies. Hence, a comprehensive and explicit understanding of data protection and privacy laws is crucial for all businesses while exchanging any data or information with other entities.
What is the common mistake that companies make while adopting a privacy policy?
Most of the companies are unaware of their role while collecting, processing, or storing data. The assessment of the company as a data controller or a data processer dictates its obligations in terms of requisite compliances, data breaches, risk mitigations, etc.
How does Algo Legal provide an added advantage to the clients?
Our Team has a deep understanding of regulatory matters and has been extensively involved in advising clients across the globe in establishing and operationalising data protection strategies, drafting various privacy policies, compliance checks related to collection, storage and transfer of data, framing cookie policies and conducting intensive data driven due diligence. The technology solutions from our technology partner such as Contractum, Tranzactions, Complius help us to provide efficient and quality deliverable in a time bound manner. Our Team has unparalleled expertise and strives to identify the regulatory risk and propel innovation.

Regardless of your objectives, we will assist in your pursuit of strategic growth opportunities.