Corporate Restructuring

Algo Legal’s restructuring proficiency combines numerous solutions to serve businesses looking to streamline and supervise operations during downturns, potential covenant breaches, significant senior personnel changes, or loss of vital clients, as well as for underachieving and financially troubled companies. Our team will thoroughly evaluate and determine all of the bottom-line drivers crucial your to financial prosperity and company survival.  

How we help

  • We create and implement various unified solutions to greatly enhance business performance and cash flow, which boosts value for stakeholders.
  • Our team assist clients by developing cutting-edge solutions to various restructuring scenarios, from negotiations with key stakeholders to creating exit strategies.


What does corporate restructuring mean exactly?
Corporate restructuring consists of a change to the company’s capacity or portfolio that is performed through inorganic means. This can include any modification to the capital structure, ownership, or senior management of a company that is not in the typical business plan.
What makes companies decide to do corporate restructuring?
Usually, corporate restructuring is motivated by a company’s need to change its business model or organizational structure. Companies can also be compelled to restructure because of the urgency to make financial modifications or adjustments to both assets and liabilities.
What are the main objectives of corporate restructuring?
Objectives of corporate restructuring can include achieving growth, maintaining economic stability, reducing dependency on other businesses, complying with new government policies, becoming more globally competitive, and/or receiving access to the newest technology.

We have the knowledge and experience to guide your company through any obstacle.