Automation of Corporate Secretarial Support and Transaction Management

Algo Legal’s corporate secretarial support software is designed with compliance, fiduciary, and regulatory obligations in mind. Our software enables offices to complete work more quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly. Companies can easily increase their productivity without the need for additional resources. Our support helps reduce human errors and delays through the automation of necessary day-to-day tasks. Our transaction management platform enables us to collaborate with all the stakeholders for tracking and completion of conditions precedent and closing action items.

How we help

  • Our customisable templates of necessary corporate documents can easily be developed, enabling the prompt creation of all corporate documentation.
  • The corporate secretary software provides state-of-the-art corporate administration solutions, covering a full spectrum of professional service operations.
  • The transaction management platform provides the collaboration tools to track completion of conditions precedent and closing action items.


What makes your automated corporate secretarial support special?
We provide the most comprehensive automated corporate secretarial services. We take the time to learn the specific needs of all of our clients, which enables us to provide the most practical solutions systematically, leaving management more time to grow the businesses.
What characteristics of a corporate secretary do you take into account?
We understand that a corporate secretary’s duties vary depending on the size and purpose of your company. We focus on safeguarding governance framework integrity, being in charge of the smooth administration of your business, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
What are some of the competencies of your automated corporate secretaries?
We design our automated corporate secretaries to handle all corporate records, have a complete comprehension of your business dealings, have working knowledge of all relevant laws, to be flexible, detail-oriented, solve problems, to be discreet with confidential documents, and more.

Now is the time to automate your company secretarial services and standard templates.