Algo Legal has announced its partnership with Qapita, a Singapore and India based SaaS fintech firm focused on providing ESOP and Cap table management solutions. Qapita’s edge stems from digitised equity management process from incorporation to exit, simplification of complex instruments of ownership, inbuilt automation and analytics capabilities to managing end-to-end ESOP lifecycle management. This will further strengthen Algo Legal’s recently launched ESOP offerings and help service its clientele in a seamless and synergistic manner.

Manual tracking of cap table and ESOP pool is no longer viable or efficient in the current marketplace where companies go through multiple funding rounds from a diverse set of investors, Qapita’s ESOP technology solutions are state-of-the-art and focus on solving this pain-point seamlessly. Algo Legal will provide an end-to-end ESOP service model which will consist of the initial advisory, design, structure, set-up, and implementation phase and the team will leverage Qapita’s technology solutions to update and manage the ESOP Plan and cap table. A founder or company will, however, have an integrated single-window interaction with Algo Legal to ensure a seamless one-stop service offering.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Qapita for our ESOP offerings. Algo Legal has been committed to providing legal services that are driven by forward-thinking technology and enabled by efficient processes, with an endeavour to provide our clients and the legal market with offerings that are simplified and standardised. This is a one-of-a-kind partnership, probably for the first time where we are seeing a collaboration between lawyers, chartered accountants, secretarial professionals, and a pure-play technology platform to deliver a 360 degree end-to-end service from set-up to liquidity stage support for ESOPs.” said Sandeep Kapoor, Founder, and Managing Partner at Algo.

The announcement comes within a week of Algo Legal’s launch of bundled ESOP offering which is delivered through a dedicated portal and encompasses a 360-degree approach to ESOP structuring. Algo has reiterated its focus on technology-enabled delivery of legal services and seems to be committed to forging partnerships and associations to strengthen its technology backend.

“At Qapita we are building a digital ‘Equity Stack’ for founders, employees, investors, and stakeholders of startups to manage their equity ownership. Built by an experienced set of I-bankers, VCs, and technologists, Qapita is a scalable tech product that automates cap tables, ESOP programs with best-in-class financial modeling and reporting. We are delighted to partner with Algo Legal – an industry leader in providing legal services to startups and venture funds. This partnership complements our product with ESOP advisory and structuring expertise. This partnership aims to maximise value, whilst making it easy for startups to adopt well-structured employee equity programs and communicate its value to employees.” said Ravi Ravulaparthi, Co-founder and CEO of Qapita

Qapita currently serves clients in India, Singapore, Indonesia, and other SE-Asian markets. Their recent $5 million fundraise is expected to accelerate improvements in product and technical capabilities, in addition to catalysing the momentum of digitization of equity awards and shares in the focused geographies.

Algo Legal has a dedicated page on their website for their ESOP bundled packages which you can access by clicking on this link.

About Qapita:

Qapita, a fintech SaaS startup based out of India and Singapore, helps founders, CFOs and CHROs of startups to organize their Cap Tables and ESOP awards through a secure, digital cloud-based solution that acts as a single source of truth. Apart from recording ownership information, Qapita also runs analytics and modeling of deal scenarios, automates reporting and updates seamlessly to stakeholders. Qapita also acts as a digital data store of past transactions thus keeping the companies due diligence ready at all times. Qapita also helps founders run liquidity and buyback programs to unlock value for employees and other stakeholders. Qapita is backed by many marquee institutional and angel investors including Vulcan Capital, East Ventures, Mass Mutual Ventures, and Endiya Partners.

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